SW Messenger Update: Conversation Views

Updated on January 4, 2022

SW Messenger Update: Conversations View

The new update allows each User to have their own Conversations view.

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1. Features in this update allow you to: #

  1. Utilize various conversations views: My Conversations, New & My Conversations, and All Conversations.
  2. Claim conversations
  3. Transfer conversations to other users
  4. Resolve conversations
  5. Use a conversation timer to track how long a customer has been waiting for a reply
  6. Track all conversations via the An Activity Log. This includes when conversations are created, which users were assigned to a conversation, conversation transfers, when conversations are resolved, and more.

2. Video Overview #

3. Change Conversation View #

Click the My Conversations tab (below the search bar) and choose which view you’d like to see from the dropdown.

My Conversations: Only conversations  claimed by you.
New & My Conversations: Conversations claimed by you & any new unclaimed conversations.
All Conversations: All conversations claimed by you, others, and unclaimed.

4. Claim a Conversation #

In the New & My Conversations tab, select the conversation you’d like to claim, then click the Claim button (above the chat log) to claim/assign the conversation to yourself.

Now it is no longer visible to other users when they are in their My Conversations tab.

5. Resolve a Conversation #

Once a conversation is complete or ready to be archived, click the Resolve button. This conversation will no longer appear in any Conversations view.

6. Transfer a Conversation #

To Transfer/assign a conversation to someone else, select the conversation you’d like to transfer, then click the Transfer button and choose the desired name from the dropdown.

This conversation will no longer appear in your My Conversations tab.