Searching Archived Contacts

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Searching Archived Contacts

View previous conversations easily.

If you need to look back at a conversation that has been archived in your portal, simply search Archived Contacts.

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1. Launch Message Portal

Launch the Message Portal as you normally would.

2. Click the Archive Icon

Click on the black file box icon in the Conversations Panel:

3. Type Name/Number in Search Box

Start typing the name or phone number of the contact you’re searching for in the search box.

The panel will not show any archived contacts at first. You must type at least four characters to bring up a list of matching contacts.

4. Choose Desired Conversation

Click on the email/phone numbers that appear to view the conversation history.

The full conversation will appear once you click on a contact.

Searching Archived Contacts by Label

You can now search your archives for tagged conversations more easily.

1. Click in the Archived Contacts Search Bar

To search the archive by label, use the Archived Contacts search bar.

2. Type: /label Followed by the Label Name.

This will pull up any conversations that were tagged with that particular label.

3. Search /latest to Find Recent Messages

Type: /latest in the Archived Contacts search bar to view your most recent messages.

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