How to Use Labels

Updated on January 4, 2022

You can Label contacts or conversations in your Message Portal.

Labels will help you quickly identify either who a conversation was between (tech and CSR, CSR and customer, etc.) or even the status of a conversation (booked, not booked – price, etc.).

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1. How to Create Labels #

First, you must create your labels in the Portal.

#1: Log in to your ServicersWeb Client Portal and navigate to the Labels Tab.
The Labels Tab can be found under Message Portal > Settings > Labels.

#2: Add New Labels
Click the +Add New purple button to create new Labels.

#3: Set Title and Color for Labels.
Enter the Label title you’d like to use in the Title text box and choose a color for the label. Use different colors for each label.

2. How to Assign Labels #

You can assign Labels to contacts or conversations in the Message Portal.

#1: Login to your Client Portal and launch the Message Portal.
Message Portal > Launch Portal

#2a: Choose a conversation to Label.
Click on a conversation on the left to open it.

#2b: Search for a contact to Label.
Click the Magnifying Glass icon and search for a contact or employee’s name.

#3: Choose a Label
Select a Lable from the Select Labels dropdown at the bottom of the Conversation Details screen.

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3. Label Ideas #

You can use Labels in any way that works well for your company. Take a look at some ideas below and make them your own!

#1: Contact Types

Use labels to identify who contacts are:

  • Customer
  • CSR
  • Technician
  • Parts Department
  • Billing

#2: Conversation Status

Use labels to specify the status of a conversation. This can be useful for identifying opportunities and strengths of staff members.

  • Booked
  • Not Booked – Price
  • Not Booked – Availability
  • Parts Inquiry
  • Existing Customer
  • Brand Not Serviced
  • Out of Service Area
  • Call Back

#2: Lead Type

Use labels to identify where your leads came from.

  • Organic Search
  • GoogleAds
  • Google Map
  • Repeat Customer
  • Referral/Word of Mouth
  • Warranty