BirdEye: How to Send Review Invites via Technician Mobile App

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Technicians can send review requests to customers with ease using the mobile app.

Step #1 – Download the BirdEye Mobile App

Before you can start sending review requests to your customers, you’ll need to download the BirdEye mobile app onto your device. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can find BirdEye in the App Store. Android users can get it from the Google Play Store.

Download from Google Play
Download from App Store

Step #2 – Sign Into the BirdEye App

Once the download is complete, find the BirdEye icon and open the app. Enter your user credentials to log in and start sending review requests.

Step #3 – Access the Request Screen

Once you’re signed into the app, you’ll be brought to the app’s main review screen. From here, tap on the paper airplane icon in the center of the bottom of the screen that says “Request”.

Step #4 – Send Review Request

Start searching the person’s name. If they are a new contact, click the blue plus button to Add New Contact. Then enter the customer’s Name, Phone Number, and Email Address. Click the blue send button to send the request. If they are an existing contact, click their name.


Step #5 – All Done!

Your review request has been sent. Click the blue Done button.

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