How to Read Your Google Ads Report – New Version

Updated on January 4, 2022

If your Google Ads Report does not look like the screenshot below, click here for details.

1. Top Section #

The top section of your Google Ads Report reflects how your ads are performing overall.

Date Picker

Select the date range you’d like to view. This defaults to the previous month each time you log in to view your reports. You can view any date range you’d like by clicking the dropdown arrow beside the date and choosing a Start Date and an End Date.

Total Spent

This is the total amount you’ve spent on ads for the selected time period.

Other Leads

This number reflects the number of customers that saw your Google Ads and reached out to you via any form of contact other than a direct phone call, including:

  1. form submissions
  2. text messages
  3. coupon optins
  4. clicks through to your website from your map listing
  5. clicks to call you from your map listing

Click on the ‘Info’ button to refresh your memory on this information anytime.

Unique Call Leads

This is the number of first-time callers that contacted you as a result of seeing one of your Google Ads.

Click on the ‘Listen’ button to listen to your recorded calls.

Calculate Your Cost Per Lead

Click through to open a spreadsheet that allows you to determine how much you’re spending to get one lead. Here’s how to use the calculator:

Enter the corresponding numbers from the report to the calculator to determine your cost per lead. As you can see in the example below, the average cost of one lead from Google Ads is $9.59.

2. Bottom Section #

The bottom section of your Google Ads Report reflects the search terms and monthly performance for your ads.

Search Terms

These are the terms that users searched and then clicked on one of your ads within the selected time period.

In the example above, you can see that when the term ‘appliance repair’ was searched, your Google Ad was clicked 23 times in the given time period.

Monthly Performance Comparison

This chart compares three key factors for each month of the year:

  1. Clicks – how many times one of your ads was clicked on.
  2. Avg. CPC – ‘Average Cost Per Click’ is the average amount you spend to get one click.
  3. Cost – The total amount you spent on Google Ads that month.

Grand Total at the bottom show totals for each month of the year.