How to Read Your Facebook Insights Report

Updated on January 4, 2022
Table of contents

Facebook Insights #

This section shows the overall statistics for your Facebook posts.

New Page Likes

The number of new likes your page received during the selected time period.

Negative Feedback

The number of negative reviews your page received during the selected time period.

Page Views

The number of times your page was viewed during the selected time period.

Page Likes By Like Source

The number of page likes you received from Facebook ads, direct likes to your page, and other sources.

Posts #

This section shows the statistics for individual Facebook posts during the selected time frame.


Shows what the post looks like.

Created At

Shows what day the post was created.

Post Reach

Shows the number of users who saw the post.

Engaged Users

Shows how many reactions, likes, comments, etc the post received.

Post Engagement Rate

Shows the percentage of users who saw your post and engaged with it.


Shows the number of likes the post received.


Shows the number of comments a post received.


Shows the number of times the post was shared by users.