How to Export Your Scheduled Jobs Report from ServiceDesk

Updated on January 4, 2022

If you’re a ServiceDesk user, follow these instructions to download your customer email list.
The instructions in this list will download the Scheduled Jobs Report. This report contains detailed job information along with the customer’s contact information. For instructions on how to download the simple mailing list, click here.

Step 1: Open the Export Miscellaneous Data Menu #

On your keyboard, hold down the ‘alt’ key and press ‘F3’.
alt f3
This will open the Export Miscellaneous Data Menu.

Step 2: Choose the Scheduled Jobs Report #

Choose the ‘Scheduled Jobs Report’ radio button from the ‘Type of Export Wanted’ list on the right. Or simply hit J on your keyboard.
scheduled jobs report

Step 3: Export the Type 5 Report #

Choose the ‘Type 5’ radio button from the Scheduled Jobs Report submenu. Or simply hit 5 on your keyboard.


Step 4: Set the Dates Range to Include in Your Export #

Enter the earliest date & latest date you wish to include in your report & press OK.
Note: We do not recommend sending emails to contacts older than 90 days. Sending emails to contacts that you haven’t contacted in more than 90 days can trigger SPAM warnings. This is because customers that aren’t expecting to hear from you may mark your email as SPAM.
It is best practice to let your customers know that you will email them monthly maintenance tips and specials.

Step 5: Save the file. #

The report will run as the red progress bar advances. This may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your list.
Save the list.
You can open the Excel file and sort as you wish.