How to Export Your Customer List from WalkAbout

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The WalkAbout software allows you to create several different reports, including a customer contact list. This is the list you’ll need to use to upload contacts for newsletters as well.

Step 1: Login

Login to your WalkAbout account.

Step 2: Report

On the top blue tab bar go to Reports > Service Calls.

reports tab

Step 3: Customers

On the Operational Tab, scroll down until you find Customer Contact List.

Operational tab is on the lefthand side:

customer contact list

Step 4: Dates

Choose the Start Date & End Date from the Calendar picker and click Generate Report.


Step 5: Download

You’ll be taken to a new browser window that shows a pdf of your Customer Contact List.

Download the PDF to your computer.

Step 6: Export

If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can then export the PDF into an Excel sheet to better manage the list if you wish.

Open the PDF and click Export PDF on the right side menu.

Step 7: Spreadsheet

Choose Spreadsheet > Export.

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