BirdEye: How to Add Employees for Assigning Reviews

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There are three different ways to add Employees to your BirdEye account:

Option #1 – Add a Single Employee

Access the Accounts Tab. Log into the BirdEye app. From the main dashboard, click on the Account tab on the lefthand-side of your screen.

Click “Add Employees.” From the Account page, click on the Employees tab at the top of the screen. Select your employee’s business Location in the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen if your business has multiple locations.

Once your location is set (if applicable), click on the blue “Add Employee” button.

Enter Employee Information. Now you should be in the Add Employee page where you can enter all of their basic contact information, and even add a photo if you’d like. Click the “Save” button when finished to complete the process.

Option #2 – Add Multiple Employees

Access the Campaigns Tab. Log into the BirdEye app. From the main dashboard, tap on the Campaigns tab on the lefthand-side of your screen.

Go to the ‘Add Contacts’ Section. From the Campaigns tab, click on the Contacts tab in the top of the page. From this page, click the blue “Add Contacts” button on the left side of the screen.

Download the Contacts Template. On the Add Contacts page, three options will appear. Click on the “Download” button beneath the Download Template section (first option on the right).

Fill in Employee Contact Information. Open the template in Excel and add the basic contact information for each one of your Employees you want to have added.

Upload Employees. Return to the Add Contacts page in the BirdEye app. Now, click the “Upload Excel” button in the middle to import your employees.

Option #3 – Add Existing User as Employee

Send a Review Invite. Anyone with an existing User account for your business can be automatically added as an employee by sending a review invite to any customer. The name of the User will also appear next to the customer’s under “Assisted by.”

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