How to Configure Business Hours & Autoresponder

Updated on January 4, 2022

Enable Business Hours so that your Live Chat feature is only available when you’re in the office and send automated replies to text messages that come in after hours.

This helps you keep clear communication with customers. Here’s what your Autoresponder will look like to customers:

1. Enable Business Hours #

First, you must enable the Business Hours feature in your Portal.

Here’s how to do that:

#1: Log in to your ServicersWeb Client Portal and navigate to the Business Hours Tab.
This is the third tab on the top under Message Portal > Settings.

#2: Enable Business Hours
Click on the Enable radio button in the Business Hours tab. You can choose to Disable this feature at any time by selecting the Disable radio button.

2. Set Business Hours #

Set your business hours for each day of the week in the Business Hours tab.

? Keep in Mind: These are the hours that will determine when the Autoresponder for SMS gets sent and when your Live Chat feature will show an away message. If Disabled, the Autoresponder message will not send, and the Live Chat feature will show an out of office message, requesting that the customer send an email.

Here’s how to enter your hours:

#1: Navigate to the Business Hours Tab

#2: Click in the first text box for Monday

#3: Select Opening Hours & Closing Hour
Choose from the dropdown options or enter the time manually and be sure to use AM or PM accordingly.

#4: Uncheck Closed if Not Closed
Make sure you uncheck the red boxes under the Closed columns for days you are open.

3. Set Autoresponder Message for SMS #

The Autoresponder will automatically reply to any text messages that come in after hours. Use this to let your customers know that you’re out of the office and will get in touch shortly.

Here’s how to set your Autoresponder message:

#1: Navigate to the Business Hours Tab

#2: Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard

#3: Enter a message in SMS Message text box