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Add Call & Text Buttons to Your Mobile Site

This allows customers to easily tap Call or Text to contact you from their mobile device.

Here’s what customers will see when you enable the Contact Buttons:

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1. Enable Contact Buttons

First, you’ll need to enable this option in your Message Portal Settings.

#1: Log in to your ServicersWeb Client Portal and navigate to the Contact Buttons Tab.
Message Portal > Settings > Contact Buttons

#1: Enable the Call Us Button and/or Text Us Button
Click the check box beside ‘Enabled’ under each of the contact button sections. This will make it so the buttons appear on your mobile site.

#2: Ener Your Phone Number
Phone Number:
Put the office number that calls are routed to here.
SMS Number: This number will automatically be filled in.

2. Customize Contact Buttons

Now you can customize the colors of your contact buttons to match your branding!

#1: Choose Text and Button colors using the color pickers.
It’s best to make the buttons different colors so they’re easily distinguishable since they appear side-by-side on the front end of your mobile site.

#2: Hide Live Chat on Mobile
You can hide the Live Chat window on mobile so that it doesn’t overlap the Contact Buttons. The Live Chat window will still appear on your desktop site.
Navigate to > Message Portal > Settings > Live Chat > check ‘Hide on Mobile’ box

Chat Icon Not Hidden 👎

Chat Icon Hidden 👍

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