ServicersWeb’s Viral Video Marketing Featured on Good Day Sacramento

We’re at it again with some fun Viral Video Marketing! On June 1oth ServicersWeb was featured on Good Day Sacramento to showcase our most recent viral video project. This was the third time Good Day Sacramento has shown one of our Lake Appliance Repair video parodies, and each time has been a lot of fun! During the show, Cody Stark interviewed Lake Appliance Repair owner, Scott McConnell, and also talked with our Creative Team, Nate Kraker and Alex Ramirez.

We have been providing Viral Marketing Services for Lake Appliance Repair for a full year, and we already have 3 LAR video parodies under our belt. Our most recent parody was of the song “Happy” by Pharrell. We had a blast making it, and I think it shows in the video. It is such a blast to work with the Lake Appliance Repair staff.

About Our Viral Video Marketing

Looking for a creative way to boost your staff’s morale while simultaneously having some ‘work place fun’ and laughs? A viral video project will definitely do that! But, most importantly, viral videos are a very effective marketing strategy. Viral Videos show your staff as creative, funny, and personable, which helps develop a company image that many people find relevant and trustworthy. Viral videos are great way to get your brand “stuck” in your customer’s head; who can forget a silly video to the tune of a popular radio hit?

Viral Video Marketing is a fantastic way to develop your brand, draw some publicity, and reach an audience that might otherwise be outside of your normal customer base. If you want to know more about our Viral Marketing Services, please contact us for a free consultation.

Check out the interview below to see us in action, and click here for our press release.

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