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ServicersWeb Messaging Portal is the modern Communication Platform for Service Companies.

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Small Business Messaging Simplified for...

CSRs & Dispatchers

Convenient Communication for Your Customers

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Technicians ❤️ SMS

Frustration-Free Work Communication for Techs

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Owners & Managers

Easy Oversight for Owners & Managers

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Manage Communication from One Dashboard

Our office team says the texting portal is one of the best things we have implemented. They no longer have to use their personal cell phones to text customers that don't answer phone calls.

Additionally, customers can easily send model and serial numbers without having to call. This helps reduce missed calls after hours and on weekends. Overall, having the texting option on our website raises our level of professionalism.


Advance Appliance

The Preferred Messaging Platform for Service Companies

Improve Customer Satisfaction


97% of companies found they communicated more efficiently after launching messaging initiatives.

85% of customers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email.

64% of consumers think companies that use messaging value their time.

Add Labels to Your Personal Menu

Each user can customize their set of visible labels. It’s similar to how you organize emails by folder or label.

Find labeled conversations faster!

Messaging Simplified for Office Pros in

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Canned Messages

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Live Chat Configuration

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