How to Capture More Leads for Your Service Company

About a year ago we started using coupon opt-ins to capture more leads and improve website conversions for appliance repair companies. (By coupon opt-ins I mean a pop-up that asks the customer to give you their email address in exchange for a coupon like this.)

We had a pretty big pushback from some of our clients on this because the general vibe on pop-ups is that they’re annoying.

But a few of our clients were good sports and let us give it a try.

When the stats came in we were shocked! It worked even better than we imagined.

In just 4 months, one of our websites had 234 customers give us their email address in exchange for a coupon! Now, mind you, we’re talking about an appliance repair company here, not Huffington Post, so 234 opt-ins to our newsletter felt like a pretty big deal.

The screenshot below shows one of our website’s coupon opt-in performance over that past 30 days. There were a total of 73 new subscribers in just 30 days!


Here’s why I love this strategy.

Looking at real call data for an appliance repair company, we found that of 771 first time callers, 17.6% of the callers took longer than 1 hour between the time they visited the website and called for service. In addition, 5.6% of callers took longer than 1 day.

This means that 23% of the people visiting the website did NOT call right away.

Now, what do you think happens when Jane Smith forgets your contact information at work? That’s right, she jumps back online to search for your service again.

Hopefully, your ad budget hasn’t run out for the day. But if it has, you’ll probably lose her as a customer (especially if you’re not in the organic results and your map strategy sucks).

Enter my love for opt-in coupons…

By asking the customer to opt-in for your coupon, you can send your contact information directly to his or her email. This ensures that your information is front and center whenever the customer is ready to call.

This improves your website conversions, which for service companies means that more site visitors actually call for service.

Here are the tools you need to get started:

An opt-in software like Optinmonster (that’s what we use, but there are a ton of options out there.)
A MailChimp Account (Free up to 2,000 subscribers!)