When it comes to Facebook Advertising, most service company owners have a hard time computing the value.

Owners want to analyze marketing dollars in terms of booked appointments, and since booked service appointments rarely originate from social media platforms (at least for now), the value can’t be calculated in terms of Cost Per Booked Appointment.

So why even bother running Facebook Ads?

We recommend Facebook Advertising to service companies that want to build a brand name in their market.

Simply put: If you want to occupy the brain space of your target market, then Facebook Ads are for you. (Facebook Ads are the billboard of our era!)

The good thing is that they’re inexpensive!

Here are three Facebook Ad Strategies that WORK for service companies:

Ad Strategy 1: From the Field Pictures

Objective: Show people what you do to raise brand awareness.

Cost: $10
Reach: 763 people saw this ad
Ad Clicks: 65
Post Likes: 59
Comments: 6
Shares: 3

This is one of the highest performing strategies to get people to engage with your brand.

Easy as 1-2-3. Snap a picture, post it to Facebook, boost the post.

Here’s one more example:

Ad Strategy 2: Product Updates, Discounts & Brand Info

Objective: Send people to your website to check out page updates or new pages.

Cost: $50
Reach: 2,794 people
Ad Clicks: 169 people clicked on the ad
Post Likes: 161
Comments: 5
Shares: 14

Be sure to sweeten the deal with a coupon. This particular ad resulted in 5 new subscribers to our monthly email newsletter!

Ad Strategy 3: Articles & Helpful Information

Objective: Share information with customers about your products and services to build trust and add value. It’s easiest to do this by writing blog articles on your website.

Cost: $106
Reach: 3,833 people
Link Clicks: 106 people visited the blog
Post Likes: 22
Comments: 0
Shares: 4

These posts are effective for building your authority around a subject.

Oh, and P.S., your Facebook Ads run on Instagram too!

This ad got 98 Instagram hearts for $14!

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